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Newbie FAQ

FAQ for the first time visitor

Spending time with a girl

You can meet, talk with, Play bar games with the girls from Thailand . If things develop and you wish to spend more personal time with them, there are different things to note. If the girl you meet was working in a beer bar or go go bar, remember the name of the place she works, at least if there was a problem you could go back and see the owner / manager the next day, who can assist you. Freelancers do not belong to any establishment; you can meet these girls in nightclubs etc, as they are not working for any establishment there is no way to track them if you do not get their I.D Card registered at the hotel (See I.D Card). The other gender to be noted are transsexuals/lady boys, to spot a lady boy look for taller then most Thai girls, big hands, big feet, adams apple, to much make up. If they qualify for any three of these then it is more then likely to be a lady boy, don't be frightened to ask if unsure and note in the nightclub bar section which area's these ladies work in.

What can I expect with a bargirl / go go girl?

Fun, laughter and in almost all cases a very good time, there are always tales of good and bad experiences, treat people how you expect to be treated yourself and you will not go far wrong. Girls that have just started working may have very little sexual experience so request for specific things may not go down very well. Even the girls that work in the Go Go bar and perform on stage may be shy when they get back to your hotel room. If you are at unsure ask many questions before you get back to your Hotel, saves and misunderstandings or embarrassment.

What is the bar fine? And how much is it?

The bar fine is the money the customer has to pay to the beer bar or go go bar if wishing to take the girl out of her place of employment before closing time.

Most beer bars charge 300 Baht but some charge 500baht.

Go Go bars charge from 400 to 600Baht, always ask first.

Should I try Freelancers?

Lots of freelancers just hang around in or outside the main nightlife spots or you can find plenty in the nightclubs near the end of the night. These girls prefer not to work in the bars, and have the freedom to choose their own working hours and places to spend their time. The possible disadvantages for the customer is that you do not have the same level of security as with girls working in the bar. If there is a problem you have no method of recourse. The only advantage of freelancer is that there is no bar fine to pay and most of the prettiest girls freelance.

What is meant by short- time or long time?

Short-time is when you take the girl out of the bar or go go with you for at most a couple of hours, not to spend the whole night with you, you still pay the bar fine every time.

Long-time means she will spend the whole night with you. Bar fines in both instances are the same. It is our recommendation you make sure the girl wants to go long time with you beforehand to save any confusion later.

I.D Checks

Some hotels do have the policy of keeping a record of the girls I.D Card. This may seem like hassle but if there were any problem, they would have a record of the girl's information. It also does act as a deterrent to the girls and is your only safeguard in the event that your girl was a freelancer. Guests that try to avoid the I.D check for fear of embarrassment will of course have no method of recourse.

Joiners Fee

Joiners Fee/ Guest Fee is a fee some hotels charge if you take a girl (guest) back to your room for the night. The fee can range from 500 – 3000 Baht for every occurance. The best way to avoid this charge is to check if the hotel charges before you book. Most hotels do not but if it's a family hotel they will charge or may even not allow you to take a girl back . (See our Girl Friendly hotel list Section)

What does it Cost to Ring the bell in the Bars.

Firstly let us explain that you will usually see a bell hanging in most bars, do not ring this by accident, by doing so it signifies you wish to buy everyone a shot in the bar, and can be a costly mistake to make!!

There are different pricing used by bars for ringing the bell.

1) Set Price for ringing the Bell in the Bar. Buys a shot for everyone in bar

(Usually 1,000 Baht maximum) Printed on menus or displayed clearly.

2) Buy everyone a drink at bar - Pay for each shot or drink. (1,000 – 4,000Baht)

3) Buy Staff or your group of your friend's drinks only.

Just make sure you know which one they use at the bar your about to ring the bell in.

A lot of bars have it clearly stated in their bar and on the drinks menu, others do not.

Best Advice If not sure ask first or do not Ring the bell.

Keeping Valuables Safe.

If you have too much money, jewellery, passport, keep it locked up in the hotel's safe. Losing a few thousand baht is not a problem, but losing your expensive jewellery or your passport could cause you a lot of hassle on your holiday. Our motto ‘Only take out with you at night what you can afford to lose' this is not a high crime rate area but with excess alcohol and high spirits it is easy to loose personal belongings or forget where you left them.

Taking girls out of her establishment for short trips

If you wish to take your favourite girl out of the place she works on a short trip then you are still expected to pay the bar fine for the amount of days she can't work.

If you do not then she is expected to pay instead on her return.

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