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Patong Nightlife

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Patong beach is the center and most popular of all tourist nightlife in Phuket.

Patong beach most of the nightlife on or around the Bangla Road. This road is approximately 600 metres long with many side streets ( called Soiís ), exploring these you will find many shops, restaurants, market stalls and wall to wall beer bars. Beer Bars are usually small open air bars, large enough for 20 -30 people to sit around or in, they have a number of girls there to attract you into the bar, serve you drinks or dance on the bar, chat or play many various bar games, such as Jenga, Connect 4 etc. Bring your sharpest game if challenged as loser usually has to buy the drinks!!

Most Soiís have there own DJ playing music to all the bars in that soi.

If you like a girl or enjoy the game you can buy her a lady drink. ( 150 Ė 200 Baht )

Go Go bars have some rip off places operating, always check the menu before ordering drinks.

Never use the Go Go Touts, They work for the rip off Places by charging you 900 Baht a drink when most only charge normal price drinks 160 Baht.

Most Agogo are in Patong near Soi Sea Dragon off Bangla Road you will find the largest number of Go Go bars in Phuket here.

Most singles or couples will want to see at least one on there visit, If your with a girlfriend that could be easily offended donít try them.

In the Go Go Bars you will find girls displaying their charms and entertaining you. The girls usually dance on a raised stage around gleaming chrome poles. With the girls being a bit more covered in Patong then there is a lot more left to the imagination which always seems sexier than full nudity.
Some go goís advertise ping pong shows, women perform acts with various objects from ping-pong balls, darts and maybe even small animals. Dancers in Go Goís can be bar fined, if you wish to spend some personal time with them away from the bar.

The following Soiís are all located in Patong, on Bangla Road unless stated otherwise

Platinum Complex

This is a complex with a total of 11 bars but only 6 Bars open at the Moment, and one Agogo on the second floor.
They have a single DJ playing the music to all bars. A lot of the bars in this Complex have regular dancers on their bars to entertain you.

Soi Easy Closed August 2013

Soi Easy has a few bars and one discotheque on second floor. Hollywood

Caution - watch out for the steps and ramp on the way out at the end of the night.

Soi Gonzo Closed October 2014

Lotís of beer bars on both sides. They have a single DJ playing the music to all bars.

Soi Eric Closed End June 2013

The same amount of bars as the other Soiís but you can sit down away from the bar in a more relaxed atmosphere in the centre of the soi.

Soi Crocodile

This is a very busy Soi in high season, Many ladyboys are dancing for your entertainment, there is always a big crowd in the soi outside taking photographs etc ,please note the Ďgirlsí charge 100 baht for your picture with them.
Moulin Rose Cabaret Show ( Ladyboy Show ) is situated at the back of this Soi.

Soi Sea Dragon

This Soi has beer bars and go go bars, the biggest number of go go bars in Phuket are located in this Soi. Worth a visit if you have not been to any, some are saucier than others, especially later in the evening.

Soi Tiger 1 Burned Down & Closed 2012

This is a busy place, with lots of bars but having a single DJ. It is located under the Tiger discotheque. A lot of the bars in this Complex have regular dancers on their bars to entertain you. This complex is always busy with people drinking before going to the nightclubs.

Soi Tiger 2

This is a busy place, with over 40 bars but having a single DJ. A lot of the bars in this Complex have regular dancers on their bars to entertain you.

Sukhumvit Road ( Formly Soi Moodies ) Closed 2012

Located opposite C&N Hotel Patong, off Rat-U-Thit Road. Now Only has Clothes Shops inside.

Happy Road

Cowboy Bar with Free Pool.

Soi Lion Closed October 2011

This is one of the smallest soiís on Bangla Road but is laid out similar to other soiís with bars on both sides and is much more brightly lit, good if your are young and handsome.

Close to but not on Bangla Road

Soi San Sabai

This has a few bars, restaurants so a good place to start your night off. Itís located at the top end of Bangla Road Patong. At the end of the night this soi really gets busy from people either going for a quick bite to eat before going home.

Paradise Complex

This is the gay entertainment area of Patong. Here you can find bars, karaoke and nightclubs.
It is located near the Paradise Hotel. If you are not into the gay scene then give it a wide berth as there are no straight places in this part for you to visit.

Soi Sea Pearl Ė Located on Sawatdirak Rd, Patong

Not many beer bars open but itís near many big hotels.

Phuket Town nightlife

Phuket Town has some nightlife, mainly orientated to Thai people, less frequented by Tourists. There is not a main entertainment area like Patong but some lively spots scattered around the town.

Main places to note are:-

Timber Hut
118/1 Yaowarat Road
Amphur, Muang, Phuket
83000, Thailand

78/ 28 Bangkok Road
Amphur Muang, Phuket
83000, Thailand
Tel (66) 76 220189 or 220190
Fax (66) 66 76 220190

Pink Lady Cafe'

445/1 Phuket Road
Phuket town 83000
Tel +66 214-095

130/1 Phang Nga Road
Phuket town 83000
Tel (+66) 76 215548

Karon & Kata Nightlife

Karon & Kata have a number of beer bars however no nightclubs, but recommended for those looking for a quieter night out.

Kamala Nightlife

There are no nightclubs or Go Go Bars in Kamala; it is a much smaller and quieter village than Patong. There are approximately 70 bars found in three distinct areas, the main high street, the main road leading to the beach and the beach itself, accessed by the north end of the village. There are a lot of good quality and very good value restaurants; probably the best known is Rockfish.
Best known and must visit bars:-
Crazy Hot
Kamala Beer Garden
Koiís Bar
Mountainview Bar
Nokís Corner Bar
Three Sisters Bar
We could go on, you will find your own favorites, full of action or for that quieter night out.

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