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General Info

The main roads in Phuket are in good condition with road signs in Thai and English. If you drive away from the main roads, most signs are in Thai only. In Thailand they drive on the left.

From Airport

There is a minibus and also a airport limousine taxi service at the airport. The standard rate for the mini bus is 150 Baht per person but you can get up to 12 persons in it so many stops .

From the airport to various location in Phuket by limousine taxi the fare is from 400 600 Baht one way.

Before you arrange with your hotel a taxi to the airport check what vehicle they use because they vary in type , cost and quality.

Tuk Tuk (Thai mini taxi the most common way to get around Phuket.

Tuk Tuk operate in the entire tourist locations and depending on your negotiating skills will charge from 100 Baht to 400 Baht depending on the distance.

Advise! Get the price before you start your journey.

If you want to look around on the island you may hire a driver for half or full day and negotiate a good price, generally around 400 1000 Baht.

Be aware he may take you to places that will pay him commission, if he wants to show you around. It's better to tell him where you want to go and no were else, so you don't waste time seeing places you don't want too.

Bus ( Songthaew )

Buses run daytime ( 6:00 18:00 ) between the beaches and Phuket Town and cost 10 30 Baht. However these buses do not travel from beach to beach, instead you must go to Phuket town then change bus to your final destination.

To stop a bus on the street you should wave your hand or wait for the bus at one on the stops along the road.

Motorbike Taxi

Motorcycle drivers are usually dressed in green or orange vest and are available for short trips. Just wave one to stop and ask for the fare to your destination. The price is normally 20 - 30 Baht each way.

Never use someone without a vest, because they may have no insurance, especially at night time.


Motorbikes are the most common transportation on the island and the easiest and cheapest way to get around. Most travel agencies recommend tourists NOT TO RENT A MOTOR BIKE due to the many accidents in Phuket.

Rent if you feel safe and comfortable with a motorbike and the traffic in Thailand . It's the easiest way to get around the Island and explore without spending too much money.

Be aware that vehicles may turn left and right without using there indicators and don't trust the traffic lights look carefully yourself and proceed only when you feel it's safe to.

The rental fee is normally 150 250 Baht per day for a standard motorbike. A big bike, may be 600 1000 Baht / per day


Car / Jeep

Renting a car / jeep would be a good idea for a group of friends or if you plan to drive long distances. There are insurances available but make sure you read the small print before signing.

The rental fee is normally 900 1300 Baht / day, if you rent longer then the price maybe reduced. (typically 20,000 baht per month)


Longboats and Speedboats

Longboats and speedboats are available on most beaches. |It's great way to see other beaches and sight seeing. Rental prices average around 400 Baht per hour for a short trip and up to 1200 Baht for a roundtrip but always ask the price before you leave. Pay on return never on departure as you may get left on the beach.



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